What to wear

Deciding what to wear to your photoshoot can feel intimidating, but have no fear I can help you get ready for your day.

Here are 2 things to consider:

  • What is the end product of your photo session?  If you are taking portraits to frame a large print in your formal living room then you should consider the style and colors in your decorating and make sure that your clothing will complement the style you have already established.  Or perhaps you are looking to frame a series of photos across the wall in your game room -- then a more casual attire may be the right look.  In short, dress with the final product in mind.  
  • Think simple -- while your clothes are important -- you really want the focus to be on your faces.  Avoid busy patterns.  While living in the New York City metro area, I had the chance to be a member of the audience for two shows (Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz).  Both shows sent an email with a lot of guidance for dressing to be in the audience (now you know why the studio audiences look so nice!).  At the Rachael Ray show if they didn't like how you dressed they simply did not let you in.  At the Dr. Oz show they had a large wardrobe where they would "help" you choose a better look if they didn't like what you wore.  Both shows recommended this, "You'll look your best wearing solid, jewel-toned colors. (Deep blues, reds, greens, etc)."
I can help you as well.  As you start looking for clothes you can email me the links to them online and I can put them into a panel for you to look at-- kind of a virtual bedroom floor for you to layout your outfits and see how they look together.  

Here is a virtual layout for a family shoot I did this last summer.  

Bryan and Valerie

What about everyone wearing the same thing?  for example, khaki and white?  or jeans? or all black?  Of course you can do it.  You can choose whatever look you are after.  I can show you examples of those as well.

Last of all -- don't let choosing the clothes prevent you from taking the pictures.  One of my favorite things to do at individual session photo shoots (like a birthday shoot or a high school senior session) is grab a couple of photos of the whole family (if they are around) right at the end.  At first everyone objects because they have not "primped" for a photo but surprisingly these photos are often some of my favorite family portraits.  The photo below was taken at the end of the daughter's birthday session -- the mom, dad, and son are just in t-shirts and the colors clashed and it is nothing fancy, but in black and white the colors don't matter and the end result was a family portrait that everyone loved and no one expected.  Remember-- you can never love a family portrait unless you take one!  So don't let the clothes get in the way of preserving your memories!!!!


(this was taken when I lived in CT and my photography business was called theportraitparties.com -- hence the watermark -- the portraitparties.com was founded by me and my friend -- Lillian Hoyt) Sadly, after 2 years both she and I moved away from CT and have founded our own individual photography businesses. -- but you can see our past work at www.theportraitparties.com)

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