Monday, April 22, 2013

So your 1 year old is busy? Photoshoot at the park - Southlake, TX Family Photographer

Let's be realistic. Taking pictures of toddlers can be challenging. That is why I love to schedule photoshoots at local parks. Toddlers are in their element running around and having fun. It doesn't take too much effort to add the parents into their world!!! You end up with happy kids, great smiles, and wonderful portraits you'll love forever. So let me meet you at a park, your kids will actually enjoy their portraits and so will you!

DSC_7188 photo DSC_7188_zpsb633fcea.jpg

DSC_7190 photo DSC_7190_zpsba18b78e.jpg

DSC_7215 photo DSC_7215_zps37a9bfb0.jpg

DSC_7229 photo DSC_7229_zps8b137055.jpg

DSC_7290-Edit photo DSC_7290-Edit_zpsf32928da.jpg

DSC_7298 photo DSC_7298_zps58417a70.jpg

DSC_7301-Edit photo DSC_7301-Edit_zps059be78c.jpg

DSC_7162 photo DSC_7162_zpsb7ef6a3b.jpg

DSC_7176-Edit photo DSC_7176-Edit_zpseb199904.jpg

DSC_7182 photo DSC_7182_zps50427e91.jpg

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