Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fun Family Photo shoot -- Big Family Photo Shoot -- Southlake, TX Family Photographer

I come from a big family and that is why I think I love doing photo shoots with big extended families. To be able to help a large family create an heirloom photo is truly an honor. Not many photographers think, "the more the merrier!" but for me, I say bring it on! This family was wonderful. 5 kids, 3 married, 2 grandkids and a surprise announcement of a 3rd one on the way during the photoshoot -- what's not to love.

DSC_8198-Edit-2 photo DSC_8198-Edit-2_zps8d437b93.jpg

DSC_8177-Edit photo DSC_8177-Edit_zps5cd89ca1.jpg

DSC_8264 photo DSC_8264_zps4333c88e.jpg

DSC_8277 photo DSC_8277_zps2445a363.jpg

DSC_8296 photo DSC_8296_zps2039efd7.jpg

DSC_8065 photo DSC_8065_zps268698a7.jpg

DSC_8069 photo DSC_8069_zps2204f324.jpg

DSC_8089 photo DSC_8089_zps5a15087b.jpg

DSC_8106 photo DSC_8106_zps20ea2d7c.jpg

DSC_8113 photo DSC_8113_zps78e5798a.jpg

DSC_8116 photo DSC_8116_zps8ebdd077.jpg

DSC_8127 photo DSC_8127_zpsf81f5e0b.jpg

DSC_8135 photo DSC_8135_zpse0c0fad1.jpg

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