Monday, April 22, 2013

"Little Boy Blue"bonnets -- Southlake, TX Children's Photographer

The best thing about spring in Texas is seeing the fields of bluebonnets. It was so fun to see this little boy all dressed up in his bow tie with a Texas field of bluebonnets for the locale!

 photo DSC_9654_zps5439b030.jpg

 photo DSC_9658_zps8461a628.jpg

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So your 1 year old is busy? Photoshoot at the park - Southlake, TX Family Photographer

Let's be realistic. Taking pictures of toddlers can be challenging. That is why I love to schedule photoshoots at local parks. Toddlers are in their element running around and having fun. It doesn't take too much effort to add the parents into their world!!! You end up with happy kids, great smiles, and wonderful portraits you'll love forever. So let me meet you at a park, your kids will actually enjoy their portraits and so will you!

DSC_7188 photo DSC_7188_zpsb633fcea.jpg

DSC_7190 photo DSC_7190_zpsba18b78e.jpg

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fun Family Photo shoot -- Big Family Photo Shoot -- Southlake, TX Family Photographer

I come from a big family and that is why I think I love doing photo shoots with big extended families. To be able to help a large family create an heirloom photo is truly an honor. Not many photographers think, "the more the merrier!" but for me, I say bring it on! This family was wonderful. 5 kids, 3 married, 2 grandkids and a surprise announcement of a 3rd one on the way during the photoshoot -- what's not to love.

DSC_8198-Edit-2 photo DSC_8198-Edit-2_zps8d437b93.jpg

DSC_8177-Edit photo DSC_8177-Edit_zps5cd89ca1.jpg

DSC_8264 photo DSC_8264_zps4333c88e.jpg

DSC_8277 photo DSC_8277_zps2445a363.jpg

DSC_8296 photo DSC_8296_zps2039efd7.jpg

DSC_8065 photo DSC_8065_zps268698a7.jpg

DSC_8069 photo DSC_8069_zps2204f324.jpg

DSC_8089 photo DSC_8089_zps5a15087b.jpg

DSC_8106 photo DSC_8106_zps20ea2d7c.jpg

DSC_8113 photo DSC_8113_zps78e5798a.jpg

DSC_8116 photo DSC_8116_zps8ebdd077.jpg

DSC_8127 photo DSC_8127_zpsf81f5e0b.jpg

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not so little kids -- Southlake, TX Family Photographer

So, everyone gets photos done when their kids are little and cute and changing every day, but far too many of us let the years go by once our kids get a little older. For one, the kids RESIST. Suddenly they are too busy to get a family photo. They are more self conscience about their look.

Don't let it stop you! Fight back! These are memories worth having! I am amazed when I look back at adults to realize they change just as much as little kids. And often these changes are more meaningful -- they are choosing their own paths and following their own dreams. No, they might not all agree to be matchy, matchy -- but they are choosing their own style and their own passions.

Document it. Frame it. Enjoy it. My new favorite quote is, "Never regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." Your kids might resist, but secretly I really think they feel special knowing you want them on your wall. They like knowing you are proud of who they are and what they have become. They still want their mom to brag and pull out the photos. They still want to be on their Dad's office desk. They like knowing that you see them as adults and not still as the little girl in the frilly pink dress.

This photo shoot was so much fun -- this mom was adamant. They were doing family photos. It was her Christmas present. I was so proud of her! Yes, it meant working around schedules. Yes, it meant it was freezing cold. But none of that matters when it is all said and done and the photo is framed on the wall.



DSC_8377-Edit DSC_8370-2



DSC_8382-2 DSC_8363

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, New Post -- Southlake, TX Family Photographer

The first 75 days of my business in Southlake, TX went exceptionally well. I was busy. I had to push blogging about it to the backburner. I'm going to try and catch up now that the New Year is upon us and January is typically a little slow for photography.

I did another family photo shoot at the Grapevine Railyards and the photos turned out great! The railyards definately add a touch of rustic charm to the session and the kids love seeing all the trains!







Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Own Family -- the annual Christmas photo shoot -- Southlake, TX Family Photographer

I am all about traditions! And a lot of our traditions involve photographs. I try to do a family photo shoot of my own family every year around Christmas with all of us wearing Black, Red, and white. This has evolved over the years (we didn't always get a family photo in December) and the color scheme has come about because it simplifies my life not having to decide every year (and the kids often wear hand me down's). So without further ado . . . Christmas3

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Session at the Railyards - Grapevine, TX Family Photographer

I had scoped this place out with my kids and we had such a great time running all over the silent tracks looking at the classic trains. Imagine my surprise to find on Saturday that all the trains are moving, even the classic ones. You can hop on them and ride to Fort Worth. Well, that made the session just a little more tricky because we did not want to get run over by a train. Still, the weather was beautiful the lighting was warm and soft and the family to photograph was as fun as ever.